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Moulding Autoline
Available material: grey iron and ductile iron
Flask dimension:508x609x250mm
Weight scope: 0.2-50kgs
Lost Foam Moulding Line
Available material: grey iron and ductile iron and steel
Flask dimension: 1500x1500x1800mm
Weight scope: 10kgs-1800kgs
Resin Sand Moulding line
Available material: grey iron and ductile iron and steel
Flask dimenxion:2600x2600x1500mm
Weight scope: 20kgs-1800kgs 


Steps in Investment Casting:
Create mold;
Wax injection (positive pattern)
Assembly of the pattern tree (potentially consisting of multiple patterns)
Covering with refractory clay
Furnace dewaxing
Pouring of molten metal
Separation from mold
Cutting & fettling
Heat treatment
Plating and other finishing process
Advantages:Suitable for complex shapes,Tight tolerances,Excellent surface quality

Material Certification
Materials are produced to either the customer’s requirements or a National Accepted Standard such as ASTM, ANSI, SAE, or UNS. Depending on the customer’s requirements, an independent laboratory will be used to perform and certify test data. We also perform incoming inspection of products, as needed, to verify dimensional, chemical and mechanical properties.
In-House Testing
Spectrometer for Chemistry
Rockwell Hardness
Brinell Hardness
Numerous Dimensional Instruments
Liquid Penatrant Inspection
Pressure Testing
Extensive Use of Standard and Specialty Gauges


Independent Testing
We utilize independent testing laboratories for chemical, mechanical and non-destructive testing.
Spectro Chemical Analysis, Leco Carbon, Sulfur and Wet methods are used traceable
to NBS Standards.
Mechanical Testing for Tensile, Yield Strength, Elongation and Reduction of Area
Charpy Impact
CMM Layout
Microstructure Analysis
SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) for analyzing defective material
Magnetic Particle Inspection
X-Ray (Radiographic) Analysis