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Connecting rod

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Weight scope: 0.5kgs-1800kgs
technology:Silica gel, water glass, resin sand, forging
Application: pump valve, automobile, agriculture, other mechanical field.

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Kinds of carbon steel:
Carbon steel is one of main materials in the world of steel castings. Carbon steels can be classified into below types:
Low-carbon steels(< 0.20% C): Offer a range of tensile properties via heat treatment and can be hardened to give high surface hardness with abrasion resistance and good core ductility.
Medium-carbon steels(0.20 to 0.50% C): This composition allows it to be more durable, pliable, and stronger. A range of tensile strengths are possible with good ductility and shock resistance, readily machined in the softened condition.
High-carbon steels(> 0.50% C): Strong and has a good shape memory, making it a particularly useful option for spring manufacturers. This alloy steel for high tensile applications is subject to wear and abrasion and is suitable for heavy-duty applications as well.
Benefits of Carbon Steel Castings
Carbon steel is an extremely popular material option for steel castings, as it has a vast range of applications in several different industries. For the low material cost and a variety of material grades, carbon steel casting is commonly used and can improve its strength, ductility and other performance by heat treatment for industrial applications.

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